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Cable Mountain Lodge Multi-Night Special

Hotels Zion National Park: Cable Mountain Lodge Multi-Night Special

Are you planning on taking a trip to Zion National Park in 2018? As a new year approaches, thousands of people begin making their reservations at Cable Mountain Lodge in anticipation of their upcoming Zion vacation. December and January are always high-volume months where bookings for future dates are concerned so we wanted to remind all of you about the winter months discount at Cable Mountain Lodge. From October 28, 2017 to March 08, 2018, take $75 off of your checkout total with the promo code “GOLD” when you make a reservation for three or more nights. We’ve had a wonderful response thus far to this promotion and have enjoyed seeing many of you here in the last few months. Of all the hotels Zion National Park offers, Cable Mountain Lodge prides itself in being the absolute best. We want all of you to experience the magic of Zion during the winter months and to take advantage of not only the savings but also the unique beauty that the Springdale, UT area offers during these off-season months.

As we have mentioned in previous posts, many misconceptions have arisen throughout the years about Zion during the fall and winter, but especially concerning the winter. Contrary to what you may have heard, snow in Zion Canyon is rare and temperatures are surprisingly pleasant. Hiking midday in the park usually does not require a jacket. In fact, it is arguably more comfortable to hike during the fall and winter months in Zion National Park than it is during the hot summer. The tourist count is lower during this time of year so you have a lot more freedom and the park seems larger than ever when you aren’t sharing the trails with crowds of fellow visitors. The shuttle system shuts down in November so you have the freedom to drive your personal vehicle through the public roads that cross through Zion without worrying about any traffic whatsoever. And the availability and vacancy levels of virtually every business in town is plentiful so you won’t need to plan or expect to wait in any lines or be turned away with last-minute reservations. This is the case with all of the hotels Zion National Park provides a home for, including Cable Mountain Lodge.

Come visit Springdale, UT and Zion National Park soon and remember to visit cablemountainlodge.com and use the promo code “GOLD” to get the best hotels Zion National Park deal. We hope to see you soon!

hotels zion national park

Cable Mountain Lodge Multi-Night Special

Hotels Zion National Park

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