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Lodging in Zion: Tips For Booking Your Stay

Lodging in Zion: Tips For Booking Your Stay

If you are planning a trip to Zion National Park, there a few things to remember before clicking “book now.” The advice included here is not exclusive to lodging in Zion; it can be applied no matter where you are planning on going. If you keep these things in mind, you will save yourself a good amount of headache as well as provide you and your party with a much smoother and well-oiled trip.

Don’t Procrastinate

We know that spontaneous excursions can be loads of fun and incredibly memorable. Without discounting the value of spontaneity, experience has shown that where vacations are concerned, the sooner you get your plans in place, the better. Selecting your desired location and booking your hotel rooms 6 months to a year in advance will put you way ahead of the game. December and January are big booking months for Cable Mountain Lodge and the other hotels in Springdale, UT for this very reason. Folks are beating the crowd by planning their summer vacation to Zion National Park long before the summer begins because they know that the places that they are interested in staying will most certainly have vacancies. It is difficult to find vacancies if you wait until April or May to reserve your rooms. Where lodging in Zion is concerned, the early bird certainly gets the room.

Plan a Day That Doesn’t Include Any Plans

This is advice that we’ve heard from hundreds of tourists in addition to having experienced its value ourselves. You definitely want to experience as much as you can during your time in Zion Canyon, but the value of inserting one whole day where you don’t have to be anywhere at any particular time allows you an entire day of intentional relaxation to unwind and really take in the beauty of Zion without running this way and that. Saunter through some of Springdale’s shops, go have lunch at an unplanned location, take a dip in the pool at your hotel, take a nap in your room, or simply go for a walk through the picturesque town of Springdale. Singling out a day with no particular itinerary does wonders for your overall vacation experience. Trust on this one. You will be grateful you heeded this suggestion.

Create a Tradition

Traditions can permanently cement the priceless memories you and your family and friends share together in Zion, elevating your annual Zion trips to unforgettable status. Try a few hotels out over time until you discover one that you really connect with. At Cable Mountain Lodge, a huge portion of our guests are return visitors who have made us part of their Zion National Park tradition. Lodging in Zion will become more than just a pastime. It will become part of your life.

lodging in zionTips For Booking Your Stay

Lodging in Zion

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