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3 Great Winter Hikes in Zion

3 Great Winter Hikes in Zion

Hiking Zion during the winter is incredible. Some of the canyon’s most beautiful scenery can be seen exclusively during the off-season months. Here are 3 of the absolute best winter hikes in Zion.

Weeping Rock

This is one of the shortest hikes in the park but it definitely packs a punch, particularly in the winter time if you ask us. The total distance that you’ll walk to get there from the trailhead is only about 500 ft so the whole excursion typically lasts for only 20 minutes give-or-take. The dripping water from the ledge above forms into a wall of icicles. It’s a fantastic sight to see. This is a great one for families with small children at any time of the year, including winter. Note: if temperatures drop unusually low and a lot of ice forms on the walkway, there’s a chance that it may be closed to the public. Find out the status of this hike in advance.

Hidden Canyon

The trailhead to Hidden Canyon is right near Weeping Rock so you’ll want to park in the same lot for this one. This hike is about a mile to the particular viewpoint located we are recommending and round trip should take around 45 min to an hour on average (the full hike is longer than this, but we don’t advise going the distance as it gets somewhat treacherous when icy). Hike up the switchback for a little while and soon you’ll find yourself looking out at some incredible winter views. Make sure to keep an eye out for any ice. You may not see any depending on the weather, but be aware. This is a perennial off-season favorite.

Observation Point

This one is an all-time favorite for many Zion regulars. This is the longest hike mentioned in this list with a round trip of about 8 miles. It should take somewhere around 6 hours to complete depending on your speed. And like the previous two hikes already mentioned, park your car in the Weeping Rock lot to get to this trailhead. As you might already know, Zion National Park’s highest lookout spot is located on this hike and it is beyond incredible. Observation Point is not dangerous at all, but what it may appear to lack in thrills is certainly made up with diversity. On this trail, you’ll go up switchbacks, through meadows, forests, and even caves. During the wintertime, make sure to bring layers particularly for the way back. Even though you certainly will get hot, there’s a lot of shade on this trail and if you aren’t wearing enough layers you may find yourself quite chilly.

winter hikes in zion3 Great Winter Hikes in Zion

Winter Hikes in Zion

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