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4 Pieces of Advice When Planning Your Trip to Zion


4 Pieces of Advice When Planning Your Trip to Zion

Whether it’s your first or fiftieth time planning a trip to Zion, it wouldn’t hurt to consider the following pieces of advice during the planning process. We want you to have the best possible trip when you come and stay at your Zion hotel in Springdale while you explore the beauty of Zion National Park, and taking the things listed here into consideration will certainly increase the chances of that being the case.

Timing makes a difference

Zion is beautiful no matter what time of year you go. In fact, some tourists prefer to come during the off-season compared to the peak months. However, that doesn’t discount some major differences regarding the overall tourist experience between the various seasons. It goes without saying, but spring and summer are much busier than fall and winter in Zion. So if you are the kind of tourist who views crowds of fellow tourists as a positive aspect of going to a destination location, then great! Come during the summer. If you don’t like that, come during the off-season. On another note, remember that if you come during summer, getting up early and hitting the trails between 6-8 am will put you in some prime weather with fewer trail-mates. We recommend doing that as much as possible. Also, the hours around sundown (4 pm to 7 pm-ish) is a wonderful time to be in the park because Zion sunsets are amazing and many people have left the park by then, not to mention a great time to simply stay at your Zion hotel and relax.

Consider the dates

The weekend is great for all of its own reasons, but booking your Zion hotel during the week (Mon-Thu) almost always means fewer people. If you can swing a weekday trip, we always recommend that because reservations at hotels and restaurants will be more open compared to the weekend as well. The same can be said about holidays. Holidays are typically the absolute busiest days of the year at Zion. Sometimes these are the only days you can come and you’ll still have an incredible time no matter when you come. But the point being made here is that there is a difference in the visitor’s experience that is largely dependent on the dates they come.

Take advantage of the shuttle stops

Though the shuttle system is widely used by most tourists, we’ve included it on this list because there are some stops the shuttle makes that are a bit underused; Canyon Junction, for instance, as well as Big Bend. Those are just two phenomenal locations inside the park that nowhere near as much foot traffic as the heavier hitters like Angels Landing and Observation Point. Working hikes like these into your trip itinerary will make for a more enjoyable Zion experience. Certainly, don’t ignore Angel’s Landing; it’s one of the most popular trails for a reason. But use the shuttle to your advantage and optimize your Zion National Park and Zion hotel experience as much as possible.

Stay more than one night

We can’t emphasize this enough. Staying multiple nights allows you to more fully take in what Springdale and your Zion hotel have to offer. If it’s all you can do, one day is still fantastic. But you will not regret it if you make an effort to plan multiple days in the Park.

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4 Pieces of Advice When Planning Your Trip to Zion

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