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Get the Most Out of Your Zion National Park Vacation

How to Get the Most Out of Your Zion National Park Vacation

Many hotel guests often ask us what advice we can offer that will help them maximize their Zion National Park vacation; some of the more understated tips that they can utilize that the casual tourist wouldn’t normally incorporate into their trip. Here are some suggestions that will help you to have the best chance at the most enjoyable stay imaginable in Springdale, UT at your Zion Park lodge.

Plan ahead

This may seem obvious, but countless guests arrive at our Zion Park lodge and hope that we, the staff, can then help them plan their itinerary right then and there. This is not the recommended way to execute a Zion National Park trip. It eliminates much of the excitement and anticipation of coming to Zion and staying in a Zion Park lodge, not to mention the generally negative results that come from not having a plan. When planning your upcoming trip to Springdale, make sure that you have your exact dates selected months in advance, your hotel rooms booked, and the particular activities for each day mostly selected. Note: if you are planning on coming during the summer, the earlier you can book your Springdale hotel rooms the better because they fill up fast.

Multiple night stay

Zion National Park is a very big place and has endless hours worth of adventure inside. There is no way to see all that needs to be seen in one day. It will certainly be a wonderful day, but ultimately largely unfulfilled. We highly recommend staying 3 or more nights to truly take in the city of Springdale and Zion National Park. This way you’ll get to see more of the park, eat at a few more of the incredible restaurants in town, and take a day to just relax at your Zion Park lodge.

Venture outside the main canyon

Most Zion National Park visitors keep almost exclusively to the main canyon where popular sites such as Angel’s Landing, Observation Point, and the Narrows are located. All these locations are incredible, but there is so much more to see outside the main canyon – in the Kolob section, for example – that doesn’t see anywhere near as many visitors. There are dozens of amazing places to go outside the main canyon and by putting these places on your itinerary, you’ll be avoiding big crowds and stepping into a much more peaceful environment.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Zion National Park Vacation

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