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3 Zion Hikes That Should Be On Your Bucket List

3 Zion Hikes That Should Be On Your Bucket List

Zion National Park is a world-renown destination location and the Zion hikes mentioned in this article are a big reason why that is that case. Many of you reading this will be familiar with the hikes mentioned here, but for the uninitiated, this is must-know information. There are a lot of fantastic locations inside the Park and all are worth mentioning to some degree or another. But these ones are unanimously the cream of the crop, Zion’s most prized possessions. The following three hikes should be on everyone’s bucket list, avid adventurers and casual tourist alike.

Angel’s Landing

Arguably the most famous hike in Utah, Angel’s Landing is often the postcard image of Zion National Park. This 3-6 hour roundtrip doozy rewards trekkers with just about the most spectacular viewpoint you’ll ever see. The sheer height of the peak as well as it’s many narrow, exposed sections certainly bring a very real level of danger to this one, but that doesn’t stop hundreds of thousands of people every year summiting this beast. It’s beyond worth the effort. For those who are wondering, the elevation gain is approximately 1500 feet.

The Narrows

The Narrows is Angel’s Landing’s main legitimate contender for the best of all Zion hikes. Literally, the north fork of the Virgin River, countless years of erosion have formed the pinnacle of all slot canyons. On this hike you’ll walk, wade, and swim (depending on what section you’re in at any given moment) through the clear, cool water of the Virgin River as if flows through the canyon. Dark corners, swimming holes, out-of-water hiking sections, and towering, narrow, multi-colored cliff walls are just some of the highlights that you can expect to encounter when you hike the Narrows. There are three ways to go about it. Start from the bottom (Temple of Sinawava) and hike up the river until you want to turn back, start from the top and hike the full 17 miles in one day, or start from the top and take two days to hike the full 17 miles, camping overnight halfway through. No matter how you do it, it will be a highlight of your life.

The Subway

The entry is up to speculation (and to be completely honest, this whole Zion hikes list is technically up to speculation), but the Subway is our final entry. There are two different ways to hike this one, but the one we’re referring to is the non-technical route that starts at the bottom (Left Fork Trailhead). Roundtrip can be anywhere between 5 and 9 hours depending on your abilities and speed. You’ll reach the Subway section at about 3.3 miles in. The first two miles include some good scenery but not compared to what you’ll begin to see about 2 miles in as the canyon becomes more distinct and the waterfalls start appearing. Not far beyond that is the true Subway section where you’ll be treated to some of the amazing natural formations including shimmering, fantasy-like potholes housed inside tubular oval-shaped caverns. Just incredible.

3 Zion Hikes That Should Be On Your Bucket List

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