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Tips to Find Discounted Hotel Rooms

Tips to Find Discounted Hotel Rooms

There is no need to spend most of the money you’ve saved for your vacation on a Zion mountain lodge. Consider the following suggestions on how to find and book discounted hotel rooms so that you have some extra cash to spend while here in Zion National Park.

Targeted Research

Sites such as Priceline, Expedia, and Kayak are wonderful resources for travelers, but make sure you don’t let them do all the work for you. Do some research on your own on particular hotels of interest aside and away from the aggregate sites mentioned above. Search the net for things like perks, promotional codes, and other amenities that are offered for individual hotels that you’re thinking about. And make sure to check out desirable hotel’s own websites in addition to their listings on Kayak, etc as some hotels give you an even better rate for booking directly from their site.


After you can honestly say that you’ve down your research and have focused in on only a few potential options, call those places directly while wearing your negotiator’s hat. You might be surprised how willing establishments are to match or beat prices found on other booking sites.

Last-Minute Bargains

There is an app called HotelTonight that you should download, especially if your travel choices tend to be spontaneous. Many hotels worldwide offer special deals for spur-of-the-moment reservations. Savings using this app have been known to exceed $100 per night. OneNight is another app that operates like HotelTonight.


If you like taking chances, room bidding can be very fun and very economical. Essentially, websites like Priceline allow you to choose the areas/neighborhoods that you want to stay in and then name your maximum price. If you’re bid is accepted, it automatically books a room for you. You don’t get to confirm what is selected for you and sales are final, but this method of reserving a Zion mountain lodge is certainly a money saver.

Consider Alternative Options

Sites like HomeAway and Airbnb are great options that can save you money in many scenarios depending on your preference and availability. These websites will show you apartments, single rooms, hostels, full homes, and more. Just make sure that you closely read all of the instructions and amenities for any particular place because many of them don’t come with some of the things you’re used to at a traditional hotel, such as wifi, simple parking, etc.

Be Flexible with Proximity

You don’t have to stay one block away from your desired destination. You can save considerable amounts of money by booking rooms in nearby areas or cities depending on your transportation options. It is certainly convenient to stay as close to your specific travel destination as possible, but if you’re looking to save money in any way possible, this is definitely a way to accomplish that if it’s worth it to you.


Discounts are offered for all sorts of affiliations and associations such as students, veterans, government employees, senior citizens, and many more. Don’t forget to take advantage of as many of these discounts as possible if they apply to you. Sometimes travelers can receive significant discounts in these scenarios; up to 30% or even more.

There are many other ways to conserve funds when traveling in addition to the ones listed here, but these ones should make your wallet happy for now. All of us at Cable Mountain Lodge want you to have the best travel experience possible, especially when you’re staying at a Zion mountain lodge in Springdale, UT. Give us a call or visit our site to see what specials or available discounts may apply to you.

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