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Great Winter Activities Near Springdale and Zion Canyon

Great Winter Activities Near Springdale and Zion Canyon

Last week we recommended a few specific hikes inside Zion National Park that are wonderful during the winter months. In this week’s post, we’re going to suggest some other great activities that Zion visitors can experience in the surrounding areas right outside the park such as museums, Zion spas, and off-road tours. Because of this area’s famously good off-season weather, the sun is still shining brightly all year round which allows for a lot of fun and enjoyment.

Off-Road Tours

This is one of the most popular excursion-type activities in Southern Utah. There are many off-road adventure outfits that reside in Springdale, Hurricane, and St. George, right near Zion Canyon that can take you on many different UTV or ATV journeys through the trails and backcountry of beautiful Southern Utah. Many of them also offer vehicle rentals for those who prefer to sit behind the wheel instead of in the passenger seat. This is a fantastic experience for families and friends to do together. You’ll see things that you will never get to see without the utilization of an off-road vehicle. UTV and Jeep tours are often cited as many Zion visitor’s favorite activity.


What’s better than a relaxing spa treatment? Springdale has many incredible Zion spas available the public as does the city of St. George. In fact, a brand new spa is going to be available right here at Cable Mountain Lodge in the very near future and will certainly be the best spa in Zion Canyon. An unfortunate itinerary mistake that is often made by Zion visitors is the omission of at least one full day of loose plans and relaxation. This gives you the opportunity to really experience the magic of the town of Springdale which undoubtedly includes their phenomenal Zion spas. A warm stone massage or any other great spa treatment can elevate your whole vacation to another level and make it even more memorable. Stay tuned for further information about Cable Mountain’s up-and-coming spa.

Museums and Art Galleries

If you’re mindset toward the word “museum” or the phrase “art gallery” is negative and boring, Zion Canyon and the surrounding area very well may change your opinion. The quality and diversity of these establishments in Southern Utah will surprise you. There are even places that kids will absolutely love. Here are some of our recommendations:

St. George Children’s Museum

This is a fantastic place where kids and adults can go from themed room to themed room and experience hands-on activities, educational murals, and many other features that appeal to all ages.

St. George City Art Museum

Though the great exhibits in this one will likely appeal to adults and young adults more-so than small children, the Family Discovery Center is great for everyone.

Rosenbrunch Wildlife Center

View real wildlife habitats of animals from Africa, South and North America, and Asia.

St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site

This is a favorite of locals and tourists where visitors can view real dinosaur footprints and take part in many different learning activities and exciting displays.

Zion Human History Museum

This is located in Springdale close the entrance to the park where guests can watch fascinating videos and look at incredible displays, learning more about the history of Zion, Native Americans, and a timeline that illustrates how Zion Canyon was formed.

zion spasGreat Winter Activities Near Springdale and Zion Canyon

Zion Spas

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