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How to Win at Traveling With Kids – Part 2

How to Win at Traveling With Kids – Part 2

This article is a continuation of the previous Zions Park hotels post How to Win at Traveling With Kids – Part 1.

Meal Planning

Especially if you’re traveling on a tight budget with your family, meticulous meal planning in advance is very wise. It may even be a good idea to find a hotel that has an en-suite kitchen; an onsite cafe, in other words. Many lodging establishments have a feature like this where guests can purchase either made-to-order or on-the-go items. It can be such a wonderful convenience to have this service at your disposal and can save you a lot of time finding food for the kids, especially if you are prone to be late. Sometimes with children, it’s impossible to follow a strict timeline, even when staying at Zions Park hotels.

Wise Packing

If you can work it into your budget, it can be a huge convenience to simply do laundry at your hotel and pack light. Instead of bringing a change of clothes for each day of a 7-day trip, for example, bring half that many and do one load of laundry at the hotel. This can be very wise on a number of different levels, even at the airport. If you can eliminate one or even two whole pieces of luggage from your trip entirely by doing this, you’ll save money in baggage fees and have fewer things to keep track of on your trip, no matter which of the many Zions Park hotels you stay at. Plus, kids spill a lot. They are experts and getting their clothes messy. Even your hotel doesn’t have a self-serve, on-site laundry room, that still may not mean that they don’t offer laundry services to guests. Find out beforehand if you want to try these little trick. Many big-family travelers live by it.

Unseen Costs Need to Be Accounted For

When traveling with kids, unexpected costs always come up. All lodging establishments are different, even Zions Park hotels, and you should never assume that something is going to be free. It’s a good idea to check potential costs of certain things in advance such as cribs and rollaway beds, exceeding the maximum occupancy rate of your room, parking fees, etc. The phrase all-inclusive is used a lot by resorts and hotels and can sometimes be somewhat misleading. Things that are often not included are poolside drinks and food, camps and activities for kids, water sports, and others. And this rule you probably already know, but it goes without saying to make sure your kids understand not to remove any pre-placed drinks from the mini fridge.

AAA Membership

Many travelers who stay in Zions Park hotels consider this an indispensable part of traveling. There are different levels of membership that you can purchase that range in price from the upper $50s to a little over $120. Being a AAA member gives you so many perks and advantages that make it well worth the cost. Of course, you get deals on room rates and their famous roadside assistance, but you also usually get things like discounts on entertainment and restaurants, exclusive travel guides, free car seats though Hertz, and more.

Date Night

Just because you’re traveling with your kids does not mean that you should automatically say bye bye to alone time. After you put your kids to bed, order a meal from room service and eat it on the balcony table or patio. Another great idea is (of course after you put the kids to bed) a bath behind closed doors. Make sure to plan time for yourselves, even on a family trip while staying in Zions Park hotels.

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How to Win at Traveling With Kids – Part 2

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