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How To Go About Booking Lodges Near Popular National Parks – Part 1

How To Go About Booking Lodges Near Popular National Parks – Part 1

As part of our continuing effort to help facilitate the best possible Zion National Park vacation for our guests at Cable Mountain Lodge, the following information is provided to help travelers have the best chance at booking the national park lodge that they want, whether it be near Zion or near one of the many other incredible parks throughout the nation. As you know, hotels and lodges near national parks tend to fill up quickly, sometimes many months before peak season. Over the years, very few new lodging options have been created in these places – including Springdale – which has led to a higher number of tourists seeking the same relative amount of available rooms. Here are some suggestions concerning how to go about booking a national park lodge so you can get that coveted room at Cable Mountain Lodge in Springdale, UT or wherever your preferred location may be.

Don’t Procrastinate Making Your Reservation

It is quite common for tourists to book their national park lodge an entire year in advance. The truth is that these folks are wise. Doing so avoids almost every potential hurdle that would otherwise be faced when procrastinating. If you’re traveling to one of the nation’s most popular national parks – Yellowstone, Glacier, Zion, and Grand Canyon, to name a few – it is highly recommended that you book your rooms 12 to 16 months in advance. This way you will know there will be no problems with acquiring the national park lodge you want. Even the most sought after options will more than likely have vacancies that far in advance. Sometimes it’s difficult to plan that far ahead. But if you can, you’ll be thanking yourself later as will everyone else in your party.

Cancellation Policies Cannot Be Ignored

When discussing making a national park lodge reservation that early, it is important to remember to understand the cancellation policy of the lodge before booking. Cancellation policies tend to vary from place to place. Some establishments charge a fee but it’s so small that it’s still worth it to book no matter what. Other places may require cancellations to take place 30 days or more before the arrival date or else hefty fees are assessed. And there are some who have no cancellation policy at all with no refunds under any circumstance. So, make sure that you are fully aware of the cancellation policy of the national park lodge you book so you don’t have any surprises in the unlikely event that you do have to cancel.

Note: late cancellations happen somewhat frequently. If you did procrastinate or you are simply a more spontaneous traveler, consider calling a national park lodge to ask if anyone has canceled in an attempt to get a last minute room.

Keep Your Dates Flexible

The majority of travelers, especially those vacationing with families, typically block out specific dates and plan the trip within to those dates, booking their national park lodge accordingly. It is certainly the most logical and straightforward way to plan a vacation, especially if you only get specific dates off of work. However, if you can make your dates flexible – say any dates within a particular month – then you can call and ask your national park lodge of choice what dates rooms are available. Choose those dates and then plan your trip accordingly. Sometimes being flexible with dates like this is impossible given certain life and/or work situations. But if it’s an option for you, definitely make wiggle room for a large range of dates and it will relieve stress.

This article will continue with the national park lodge post How To Go About Booking Lodges Near Popular National Parks – Part 2.

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How To Go About Booking Lodges Near Popular National Parks – Part 1

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