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Master the Art of Packing For Travel With These Tips

Master the Art of Packing For Travel With These Tips

Be an expert traveler by following these packing tips.

The right luggage

Luggage design today is a lot better than it was years ago when you purchased (or was given) the old luggage that you’ve been using for decades. Invest of a newer model that has digital tracking tags, wheels that roll 360 degrees, compression straps, divided sections, and more that help travelers be as comfortable and efficient as ever before.

Compression bags

You may have heard of this before but never seen it done or tried it yourself. Needless to say, compression bags are amazing. The amount of space they save is incredible. These bags remove the air in bulky folded and/or rolled clothing which creates a lot more space. If you try this, be sure to not pack more than is necessary simply because it fits. You can also use the bags to store dirty clothes.

The 1-through-6 rule

If you’re packing for a trip that will last a week, use numbers 1 through 6 to pack certain items as follows: one hat, two pairs of shoes, three pairs of pants/skirts, four shirts, five pairs of socks, six pairs of underwear.

Look at tags

Be aware of what fabric your clothing is made out of and let that determine which items you pack. Certain materials resist stains and wrinkles better than others, drys faster, and resists smells more effectively. Consider smartwool socks, underwear made from synthetics that dry quickly, and outerwear made from merino wool which is very lightweight.

Have a travel palette

This packing tip will help you easily make wardrobe choices each day that you’re traveling by allowing you to mix and match items and create many outfits from only a handful of clothing pieces. If you bring neutrally-colored shoes, that will also help as well. For example, bring clothes that are either gray or black and then bring one other item that is an accent color such as purple or red.

Be realistic

Don’t bring things that aren’t already part of your regular routine. What this packing tip is referring to is that if you don’t ever go jogging at home, don’t think you’re going to suddenly start while on vacation and bring a special pair of running shoes and an athletic outfit. Chances are you’ll never use them while your away and they’ll end up just taking up unnecessary space in your luggage. When packing, don’t ever put something in your luggage just in case. If you say that phrase while plopping it into your bag, take it out immediately. You won’t need it.

Roll everything you can

Folding clothes tends to be the default packing method for most people but the truth is that rolling is much more effective. You can find what you’re looking for faster in the moment, your clothes won’t be anywhere near as wrinkly coming out of the suitcase, and it saves so much space. Some people even put rubber bands around each item of clothing after they role it when they’re packing.

Go digital

Some of the best things about living in the modern digital age is how much space it saves in our daily lives, particularly when it comes to packing. When many of us were kids, our parents held out huge maps during road trips, brought along bulky books for reading material, and exhibited other travel behaviors that are nothing but cumbersome nowadays. Bring your eReader with all the books you’ll want for the trip, download all the travel apps that you’ll likely use. The only paper that is necessary to have in physical form are your travel documents. Other than that, almost everything else can be brought with you in digital form to save space and time when packing.

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Master the Art of Packing For Travel With These Tips


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